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One of my t-shirt designs is up for voting at design by humans.


It only takes a second to sign up and vote so please please please do so! I REALLY wanna see this become a shirt!
In just over a month I am going to participate in the "Weekend To End Breast Cancer."

And walk a grand total of 60k in two days.

But only if I can raise the appropriate amount of money in donations!

2,000 to be exact!

Please help me reach this goal and sponser me here:


ALL proceeds go towards the good cause and I would really appreciate the support! :)

If the first link doesnt work you can always go here:
And seach for my name: Kristen Balmer

An update...probably a final update.

So I have discontinued my tattoo apprenticeship.

I had only been working there for two months and there were some...seriously complications that made me uneasy about were I was working.

In the end, as sweet as it would be to be a tattoo apprentice, I look out for number 1.

I wish you all the best of luck. I know I'll find something else to do, tattooing or not. :)

Love, peace and chicken grease!
Boyfriend's birthday today!

painted him a little picture...there's another to go with it. finishing that off tonight while he's at work!

back here!Collapse )
Boyfriend downloaded the entire first season of Survivor for me (Oh yes, I watch that show...im horrible I know) so I spent the entire day watching it...

Once again not much to update!

The shop is switching locations June 1st. First week of the month is painting and organizing the place and cleaning and whatnot Im sure.

Other then that I've kinda been on 'vacation' because my mother has been visiting. (She lives accross the country) So I've been having a pretty good time! Although excited to get back to work. Might not be for a week or two as it seems the guys have got a part playing some roles in the Scott Pilgram movie.

Will definatly update everyone with art soon. And the new shop location and the whole shebang once there is more information!
Sorry about the no posts!

The shop is switching locations. (better location here we come!)
So my art has kinda been on hiatus! (PLuss my mother is visiting from accress country this week.)

Will update soon!


Apr. 24th, 2009

Today was the begining of being taught how to take apart my machine and putt it back together!

First, my mentor (named Glen) took it apart, showing me all the pieces, then putt it back together for me showing and explaining how things work, etc.

I know the named for all the parts but understanding how a machine run makes SO much more sence when you can see it in pieces.

Then, about an hour later he took my machine apart again, left it on his desk, and said to putt it back together while he left! (He had errands to run.)

It took awhile. Lots of cursing and dropping shims ALL over the ground. But when he came back I had managed to successfully rebuild it...well, mostly.

I had 2 washers in the wrong spot. BUT, other then that. VICTORY.

It even ran once I hooked it up.

I'm pretty pleased. :)

Also, I have some sketches too post and some more pig skin stuff. But none of it is scanned. Should probably have it by tomorrow night! :)

Till then! Take care!

Apr. 18th, 2009

Here are the pictures I promised! I DID get to play around on a pigskin BEFORE doing these tattoos. But I was literally scribbling and doing circles and trying to figure out how it worked...then I did these. Posted in order that I did them.


That's it! I hope you all aren't too mortified by it! Please don't be too cruel...first attempts and all. (So much different then cleaning up a drawing with pencil!)

P.S - These aren't my drawings. They are just standard flash I tattooed.
Got some photos of the 5 pigskin tattoos I've done.

They seem to be getting progressively better.

I'm still having a hard time getting the line quality I so desperatly want. (Nice thick even lines) But I'm being reassured that comes with time...and that pig skin doesn really hold ink very well. (What with being dead and all.)

Photos arn't on my camera so I'm hoping to get them posted tomorrow!

Should be interesting!

But don't judge me too badly on them. ;)